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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to feed from the floor?

It is very important to feed in the natural feeding position to ensure that the jaw has the correct alignment which ensures even wear on the teeth and as a result helps to avoid many of the dental problems.  The correct position aids the respiration as the airways and the sinuses drain down.  The natural posture also helps the back muscles and helps youngstock to develop correctly.  The feeding position also stops ugly muscle from developing under the neck and helps to form a correct top line, which in turn helps the horse to work in the correct outline.  Horses in their natural environment are grazing animals and it is imperative that we simulate these conditions for the stabled horse

Will I be able to feed soaked hay from a Hay Bar?

Yes, dry hay, soaked hay and haylage are all suitable.

If I feed soaked hay how will it drain?

When you fit your Hay Bar fit it an inch or an inch and a half above the floor and then the excess moisture will drain away.

How do I clean out my Hay Bar?

Either simply lean over the top, or fit above the floor and then it is easy to sweep forward the seeds, dust etc. and wash as necessary.

What are they made from?

Hay Bar is manufactured from HDPE and the top edge is formed around a pipe making it incredibly strong.  HDPE will not shatter and it is rust and rot proof.  Hay Bar has been designed with the horses safety in mind and has had extensive field trials under the most arduous conditions, proving it to be trouble free and reliable.

What are the dimensions?

Horse Hay Bar is approx. 36`` high.  It takes approx. 20`` of floor space.  The top edge takes approx. 30`` of wall space.  It is designed to hold a complete small bale of hay in slices.

The Pony size Hay Bar is approx. 27" high. It takes approx. 13" of floor space.  The top edge takes approx. 28" of wall space.

Will my pony be able to feed from a Hay Bar?

If your pony is tall enough to reach over the top, Hay Bar will ensure that your pony is feeding in the correct posture.

Are you going to make a Hay Bar for the “tiny people”?

Yes, we are.  Pony Hay Bar is now available!

Who recommends the use of Hay Bars?

The veterinary profession (we now supply 7 veterinary hospitals), the equine dentists, show producers, racehorse trainers in fact everybody that has their horses well being at heart.

Are they easy to fit?

Yes, the instructions are on the reverse of the label.