HayBar Equine Feeder

Hay Bar fills the corner in the stable and in the market.  The response to Hay Bar has been quite amazing offering the feed from the floor natural feeding  position with a safe strong design.


 This system is now widely used in Veterinary Hospitals, Studs, Livery, Competition, Racing, and Producers Yards. 

Hay Bar Equine Feeder


I have used Haybars now for the last 6 months and all my staff have found them quick and easy to use and the horses benefit as it keeps the hay concentrated in one corner of the stable, without them treading through it.

Peter Charles M.B.E.
Olympic Team GB Gold Medalist 2012
International Showjumper

I recently bought a hay bar from my local supplier and I am very pleased ! In fact I have ordered another one for my pony . The horse size is extremely large and I was glad I had the pony size because my mare although a stocky 15h cob would have had difficulty in reaching the bottom !

A great addition to my stable - thanks,Sue

Hi just wanted to say, very pleased with the Hay Bars – thought one of the horses would have a fit seeing it in her stable but she couldnt have cared less and stuck her head right in! they look extremely smart and durable.

My other horse loves a haynet but has also adapted very well to the Bar.

Martine Lewis

"I had to contact you! I bought two Hay Bars for my two cobs and had to let you know how brilliant they are. The hay lasts much longer,as they are not "fighting" the net,or snatching at it. They look relaxed and there is no waste. Very pleased!"

Helen Bridges

"I'm Blue Chip Too (Glen) is a very good doer, all he gets fed to keep him in show condition is Dodson & Horrell's Safe & Sound and Blue Chip Lami-light, the diet feed balancer. All my horses have a hay-bar but Glen had his hay in a small-hole hay net to make it last longer. This seemed to become a challenge to him to eat it as quickly as he could. We tried putting his hay in two hay nets and even three, but this was a real challenge to him and he attacked it with his very mobile nose and managed to eat it in record time, he's a very clever horse. So we went back to one small holed hay net and timed how long he took to eat it. The following day we put the same amount of hay in the hay bar and to our amazement it took longer for him to eat it. After a few days of using the hay bar there was even a bit left when I fed him at night. I can only think by using the hay bar his hay no longer became a challenge to him."

" God's answer for hay net fillers !!!"

Val Henson, Senior Judge, Sport Horse Breeding of GB. Owner and producer of top event and show horses.

We found the Hay Bar ad in Trainer Magazine and thought they looked like a great idea. We were using hay nets that were tied outside the stall. Not only were the horses always eating with a turned neck but there was a lot of wastage. It seemed perfectly natural to have the Hay Bars inside the stall so we could continue to feed hay ad lib plus the horses were eating with their necks in a natural position. We ordered a couple to see how they worked out and ended up ordering another 50 to complete the barn.

Anita Motion. Herringswell Stables – Home of Grade 1 winner Bulls Bay

We started using Hay Bars this year. The natural feeding position is maintained, there is virtually no waste,the box is tidier and quicker to muck out, and they are safe. An excellent product which I am very happy to endorse.

Peter Player, Whatton Manor Stud

Trickle feeding from Hay Bar keeps our horses content and they look better than ever – I see this as a big contributory factor to the successes we have had this season.

Magnus Nicholson – Top Show Producer

Hay Bar is an extremely efficient way of feeding horses and ponies. It's secret is in the simple and robust design".

John Richards O.B.E. DL

We use them for all our show horses, including the HW hunter Silverstream and the many other successful show horses.

Carol Bardo Owner and Show Producer.

“I am convinced that I would see less dental problems in the horses I treat if they were fed from HAY BAR.”

Keith Evans EQDT

The hay bar allows a natural head position for the horse. Uneven biting and chewing surfaces make it difficult for the horse to process feed and get the nutrition it needs for optimum health and performance.

Rachel Burton EQDT

The Product is very strong and avoids injury, Very easy and quick for giving out food (Hay), allows feeding in a natural position and stops dust going into the lungs, and keeps the bedding clean from Hay.

“Henry Brett (English Polo Captain) Argentinean Groom”

“All stables are fitted with Hay Bars at Boyton Hall, as I believe this product is an excellent way to feed a stabled horse. A horse should eat the way the body was designed, with the neck and back stretched through its top line to a low level and the teeth and jaw working in a natural position.”

Jann Turner Physio. at Boyton Hall Equine Rehabilitation Centre,

“We strongly recommend Hay Bar for saving waste and as a very safe method for feeding youngstock from the floor in the natural position helping them to develop correctly.”

Jonathan Dodd, The Louella Stud.

“I am so pleased with the Hay Bars which we have installed in our Equine Hospital. I have found them very easy to clean, particularly hygienic and above all completely safe for the horses. I have no hesitation in recommending their use to all my clients.”

Marion Winter. Bsc MA VET MB MRCVS. South Moor Veterinary Hospital,

The Hay Bar is a very good idea for horses especially those with a respiratory problem as it encourages drainage of the respiratory tract also preventing contamination seen when feeding from the floor.

Philip Dixon B.V.Sc. Cert. E.P. M.R.C.V.S

“Having a yard of nineteen stables, we purchased the Hay Bars in 2004 to save time and wastage. We have since noticed a huge improvement in their top line and general muscle form, especially those in the neck, and the horses are certainly more content.”

Sarah Tyson - Sole British Completion World Championships Dubai 2005

"One of the most important things I advise my clients is that horses benefit significantly from being able to eat at ground level when stabled.” Having used Hay Bars for his horses Wayne Abbott has now ordered the pony Hay Bar for the rest of his yard

Wayne Abbott, B.E.V.A./B.V.D.A. Advanced Certified Equine Dental Technician

“We quickly converted the whole yard. Hay Bars can also contribute to improvements with back problems of which we see so many cases."

Carrie Humble MBE, Founder & Director. The Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre

Why has it taken so long to invent something like this?

Sarah Ambler ( Top Show producer Willow Royd )

Hay Bars have changed our lives dramatically and they are so much better for the horses.”

Andrew Graham ~ Dressage Horse International

" Hay Bars have reduced labour and wastage, whilst encouraging the horses to stretch through their topline when eating in the natural position"

Ian & Heidi Woodhead

“Fantastic. Horse friendly, hygienic, labour saving device. We're impressed and highly recommend.”

Steph Appleton,Equine Physio. Clarendon Equine Hospital.

It’s a simple piece of moulding which arrived as one piece and all I had to do was fit it in the stable with four screws. I never use haynets – feeding from the floor is better for horses- and the great thing about this was that the hay and bedding were kept separate. It seems very robust, the edges are rounded and I had no qualms about safety

Sacha Pemble, Event rider

We experimented with two Hay Bars and it soon became obvious that the time and hay saved through their use made it imperative that we furnish all our stables with a Hay Bar. In a busy polo yard they are invaluable. We thoroughly recommend them

Margaret Brett, Editor of Polo Times

I am a Physiotherapist who specialises in a muscle release technique called The Bowen technique, if good stable management is in place; this technique enables a horse to perform at its optimum level.

With the knowledge I have gained over the years and the excellent facilities I have to work from (which include the top of the range Hydrotherapy spa) this can only aid the racing world and allow any horse that comes to our centre, a good chance to heal and get back into training as soon as possible.

All stables will be fitted with the Hay bar at Boyton Hall, as I believe this product is an excellent way to feed a stabled horse. A horse should eat the way the body was designed, with the neck and back stretched through its top line to a low level and the teeth and jaw working in a natural position.

Jann Turner, Physiotherapist at Boyton Hall

Having swapped over from hay nets and hay racks to Hay Bars we have found that it has reduced a lot of time wasted in filling hay nets and more importantly horses are eating as nature intended. The Hay Bars are safe and very robust. I can highly recommend them!

Robin Dumas, International Event Rider B.E Accredited Trainer

“One of the most important things I advise my clients is that horses benefit significantly from being able to eat at ground level when stabled. In my experience horses that are not fed from nets or racks maintain a far more balanced wear pattern to their teeth enabling them to grind properly and in turn gaining the full value of their food.”

WAYNE ABBOTT, B.E.V.A./B.V.D.A. Advanced Certified Equine Dental Technician

We purchased a Hay Bar initially because Stan the man was very wasteful with his hay. This achieved its aim but since we have had it, we have found that Stan requires less treatment from the dentist and his top line has improved - now we have a hay bar in all our stables.

Louise Gaunt owner & Producer of Stan The Man.Champion Heavy Weight Cob of the Year

Our retired pit ponies love their Hay Bars. The Hay Bar offers a natural, safe way to feed our four ponies and Shire horse, and helps us to reduce the amount of hay and haylage that is wasted. As an added bonus, they are easily to fill and clean, saving us valuable time.

Wendy Priest, Horsekeeper, National Coal Mining Museum for England, Wakefield, West Yorkshire www.ncm.org.uk

Would like to say, the Hay Bar is a fantastic idea. I bought one a few weeks back, and its everything you say about it in your adverts. My horse is very happy with it too.

Thank you ~ Ms S Arnold

My ponies have always eaten hay from the ground but this way is much much better and keeps the stable tidy and saves any waste. We would recommend them to anyone who wants the best for there horse or pony .

Patricia and Emma - Jayne Childs

Just purchased and installed a horse 'HayBar' as I was fed up with hearing my horse coughing at night as his hay used to get caught up in the sawdust bedding - I'd tried various tubs/haynets etc. Anyway - now had a whole week of 'cough-free' nights and wanted to thank you for producing such a great product.

I was a bit cynical at first as I wondered how and why it would stop him dropping the hay over his bed but for some reason it does and there is hardly any hay dropped over the floor. His bed is cleaner as he doesn't walk around it chasing stray bits of hay and, as my vet recommened, much better for his back to be stretched downwards when eating in a natural position. So... Thank you and I am passing the word around!

Mrs Penny Douds

I ordered and received 3 Hay Bars from you last week. Your service and delivery was excellent and they are now safely installed in my stables.They are the best most time saving piece of equipment I own. Thank you - no more haynets and bad backs from filling them.

Mrs B McCormick.

With trepidation I ordered two hay bars for my stables. I have tried small nets big nets, corner mangers , square mangers , hay balls you name it I have tried it!!! and always disappointed gone back to heaving heavy nets and suffering with my back. So I awaited this NEW product with hope in my heart!! So they arrived, we fitted them easily.. and what can I say FANTASTIC!! no waste, clean bed , happy happy horses no longer pulling and wrenching from their nets, quietly munching away with what I can only describe as a look of sheer relief on their faces!! not to mention mine !!. I didn’t believe the claims made but from the bottom of my heart I would say if you don't have one you and your horse are missing out on the best product on the market today. I have now ordered another two bars for my other big horses and next month will order a further 3 for my ponies stables. It is a worthwhile investment in your health no more heavy nets straining your back, so much quicker than filling nets, and your horses well being an happiness how could you put a price on that!! I couldn’t. Well Done Hay Bar may I wish you all the success you deserve. Kind Regards

Dawn Forrester and seven grateful Equines!!!

Just to say a big thank you. I bought two Hay Bars a little while ago its the best horse equipment i have bought for a long time, it saves me time the horses like it.

Sue Green

I came across the Hay Bar advert in the Riding Club Magazine and at the same time my young Arab Comet was diagnosed with having Kissing Spine. One of the things I have to do to make life better for him is feed him from the ground. So I decided I would purchase a Hay Bar, wow what a difference not only not having the hay wasted by being mixed up with his shavings but he is so much more relaxed in his attitude.

Before I had haynets and Comet would snatch a bit of hay and rush over to the stable door incase he was missing anything now he stands very contented and very very relaxed and isn't that bothered about what is going on in the yard. Its so easy to put up I think it took about 5 minutes and takes very little space in the corner of the stable. I would recommend this product to every one and kiss goodbye to hay nets and hay racks, its so much more natural to feed your horse this way. A big thank you to Park Feeders

Cathy Streather

Just a quick note to say thanks. We have had our Hay Bar fitted for just over a month now and it has made such a difference. As my horse has a weak back I really wanted to feed him from the floor, but he would bed himself in the hay within minutes of it being put into the stable, and he was so messy that nets were not really helping the issue much. Now not only is he fed the way I want but the wastage is measured in handfuls (not bales!) We love it! Thank you and Best Regards

Sarah Church & Kloof

Today I have purchased one of you Hay Bars hoping it will be the solution to our problem. Last night our Irish cob Beanz rolled in his stable and caught his back leg/shoe in his hay net. It appears, by the damage to the wall, that he was trapped for a long time. When he was freed his leg must have been dead and when he tried to stand his leg gave way and he smashed his face into the wall leaving a 3-inch cut above his eye and he also has a fat lip as well. We hope that buying your product will give peace of mind for us and easy munching for “Beans”

Mike, Kath and Beanz

Just a note to say that I bought a Hay Bar last week and I am pleased as punch with it ! My main concern was ending up with a bed full of haylage, but Malachy has managed to eat from it with out causing any mess. On the first night there was about 1/4 the amount of mess as I used to get from his haynet , and since then there have only been one or two strands on the floor - even though his Hay Bar is still full! It also saves me approx. 10 minutes in the morning usually spent wrestling with two large haynets! I thoroughly recommend the Hay Bar.

Deb Garfield

“Good product, good service and a happy horse and owner. More power to your elbow”.

Heather Lee (BHS).

Hay Bar is truly cornering the market ‘Feeding as Nature Intended.‘ 

Far Better for Your Horses and Far Easier for You.