Hay Bar pony Equine Feeder

Hay Bar Equine Forage Feeder

Hay Bar Equine Hay Feeder
Absolute Horse Magazine.

I tried out a pony size HAY BAR and found it to be pretty good. I liked the fact that it has a rounded edge along the top so no chance of injury. The HAY BAR offers feed as nature intended, on the floor, so no problem of wrong muscle development and no worries of getting tangled up in a haynet, by that I mean the horse when being fed and the owner when filling it.

My family and I find it easy to use and to clean out as we installed it just a few inches off the ground so we can remove any hay that may be left over from underneath,

The HAY BAR was straight forward to install and all in all I am quite impressed with the product, enough so that I intend to purchase a HAY BAR for my other boxes.


I am delighted that for the first time I do not have most of the hay trampled into his bed. This has happened both with the yards hay racks where he pulled  a great lump over the top to spread on the floor rather than pull mouthfuls through the bars, also with the extra large stable bucket I have used for the past year, which he pulled over and spread the contents in his bed.

Like many people I feed soaked hay and one advantage of the hay bar is that the handler does not get wet and filthy, either filling hay racks or hoisting up wet hay nets that way a ton and soak the handler.

After a momentary shock of seeing the black monster in the corner Bob started to eat his hay happily from the Hay Bar. There has be NO wastage since we installed it, if he picks up a clump the residue drops back into the Hay Bar. I like to feed on the floor as this is better for the horse but usually is very wasteful.

The yard owner is so impressed with the lack of waste and ease of filling that he wishes he could afford to remove all the hay racks and replace the whole yard with Hay Bars, it would speed up staff at hay times, eliminate wastage and keep staff clean and dry

Henry Whittaker, Access dept. British Horse Society.

"Once attached to the wall the Hay Bar became rather sightly. The Hay Bar curves in, so that the horse can get close in to eat, without banging his knees." "However it is big, and therefore not very suitable for the smaller breeds (Hay Bar are developing a smaller version which will be on the market early spring)."

"A Shetland pony was introduced to it and promptly tried to get inside! Any thoughts about the Hay Barís strength were instantly dismissed as the greedy Shetland literally had to be lifted out of it."

"The Hay Bar was a great success; and it is practical and looks good Ė a worthy addition to any stable."

Nicola Cane, Horse & Rider tester.

"This feeder is a practical alternative to a hay net which allows the horse to eat hay in a more natural manner with his head down. It also keeps the hay in one place, so there's less waste and the bed stays clean and hay free."

"I found that the Hay Bar was compact and fitted well in the corner of the stable, and I found it to be practical and functional."